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Air Conditioning Service & Maintenance

New Air Conditioner Purchase


Any time you contemplate a major purchase like a new air conditioning system, there are a lot of questions that arise, such as:


  • What type of equipment is best for my home?

  • What's the most cost effective?

  • How do I know which brand is best?

  • How do I get the maximum value for my budget?

  • What are the options I should consider?


Air Conditioning Service/Maintenance


With Smith’s Complete Cool Maintenance Service, you will save time, money and hassles by having this service done annually. Maintenance is the key to maximum efficiency, energy savings and long trouble free service.


At Smith Plumbing & Heating, we believe our job entails much more than simply installing whatever system you choose. Our goal is to assist you with the decision by providing all the options and designing a solution that meets your specific home comfort requirements and fits within your budget.

Once that is done, you can count on us to complete the installation quickly, efficiently and affordably. Guaranteed.


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