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Is Your Drinking Water Safe?

Although most drinking water in the United States is considered safe, there is an increasing concern about the quality of drinking water – especially as more and more contaminates are found in ground water supplies. The worry about possible health problems resulting from these contaminates is causing consumers to seek solutions to ensure that the quality of their drinking water is maintained.

What Do We Find in the Hudson Valley?


Well, to start, the Hudson Valley is much like the rest of the United States. 85% of the water is considered “hard water”. Hard water typically will not harm you, but it will likely harm your plumbing, fixtures and appliances.

Who is Responsible for Testing the Water Supplies?


For individual wells, the responsibility lies with the homeowner. For municipal water supplies, the responsibility lies with the “owner” of the supply. Each year, this “owner” has to publish at NYS the results of a water test on their water. This annual water quality report has to list all contaminates found. Most often, found in this area are: coliform bacteria, organic chemicals and MTBE.

Is there a reason for you to be concerned ? The answer is YES. The good news is that we can perform a FREE WATER TEST and give you the alternative solutions to your problems.


Water Conditioning Services

We install whole-house water conditioning equipment for:

  • Hard water.

  • Iron staining.

  • Low pH.

  • Sulfur odor.

  • Sedimen.

  • Chlorine removal.

We install the Multi-Pure drinking water system and use products from Master Water Conditioning Corporation, Water Soft, Aqua-Pure, Cuno and 3M.


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While water covers approximately 75% of the Earth’s surface, only about 1% is readily available for drinking purposes. Most of the Earth’s water is either in the ocean or in the polar caps. It is the 1% that we need to be most concerned about.

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